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Engage your self to an elite and highly comfy racing flat called Inov-8 F-lite 230 and show your versatility to the crowd. This is an ideal flat for short distances races and also for running around for hours. This flat is so light that can be felt with every step you take and that makes this shoe perfect for racing because your feet will never feel any burden on them nor they get tired no matter how long you run in these. Its upper is made up with synthetic mesh material which is very durable and aid to the breathability level of the shoe. It is easy to clean and conform to the shape of your feet to deliver maximum comfort and support. The upper consist of lacing closure that offers a more personalized fit as you can adjust these according to your feet shape. The laces go through six eyelets that makes the fastening process more quicker and easier. The lacing closure has been attached with the TPU supports which offers an optimal fit. The tongue is also plush to reduce the chances of debris to get inside the shoe and it also protects the feet from lace bruises and keep the feet in a complete comfort zone. Not only is the collar padded, but also the collar to enhance the comfort level. Contoured heel cup also plays a major role in offering a great deal of cushioning to the feet. Its interior consist of textile lining that helps to keep the feet feel cushy , comfy and soft through out the journey. Met-Cradle webbing technology has been use that makes sure to offer a great lock down over the foot bed. The foot bed is 3 mm thick and sock away all the moisture keeping the feet dry and healthy the whole time. Its 2 arrow Shoc-Zone technology ensures minimal underfoot protection which is ideal for all the intermediate and advanced both kind of runners. The heel or forefoot is 13mm / 7mm. Its mid sole differential is 6mm. Advanced Meta-Flex technology is also a anatomically aligned in front of the metatarsal heads for more natural forefoot flex. The F-Lite sole offers great traction on all kinds of surfaces. The rubber outsole is durable and solid and its life 600 miles. Its Weight is 9.15 ounces. You can have these in the following colors: Oilve / Kettle Camo , Grey / White , Grey / Black, Green / White , Black / White , Azure / White.



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Bwardrop from Tramore, Co. Waterford

Extremely pleased with my blue one - very comfortable and appear to be hard wearing (so far!). I have used them for Crossfit, running (up to 15km) and have worn them to work. They were perfect for each activity. I found that after the first couple of runs (both 10km) that my Achilles / calves were tender and sore. I transitioned from a pair of very cushioned Adidas trainers so this was expected. 10mins with a hockey ball (see mobilitywod (although they use a lacrosse ball)) worked out these issues and they did not really impair any subsequent performance. I did not have the same issues after box jumps / skipping. My only gripe is the price - at over 100 delivered, they are very expensive. Still recommended if you have the cash to spare!


Not only are these shoes light, comfortable and excellently crafted, they've also pretty-much altered the way I run forever! I used to run in a battered pair of cheap, highly padded NBs, and yeah, I could run for hours in them, seemingly fine. Until the next day of course.. Which would be when I realized how much stress I'd inflicted on my knees and groin! All that heel-striking was beginning to destroy the cartilage in my knees! From the first time I used these f-lites, I was a amazed; so much lighter, almost as if I was in bare feet! The padding is minimal, and such, I found I couldn't run as far... And it still caused me some pain.. But here's the catch: no more smashed knees and pulled tendons- now all the pain was muscular, localized to my calves and ankles.. They had allowed me to run properly at last, using my legs the way they were mean to be used! I've rolled-back the distance since, and gradually started to increase again.. But things are different now: I feel like a pro when I run, my eyes have been opened to the mistake of running in high-heeled, excessively padded shoes! I'm faster, my legs are getting muscles in them I never knew existed, and It feels amazing to run like I should have been all along. These are the single-most important piece of fitness equipment I own, a total game changer.. I urge anyone I meet now to try barefoot, or at least minimal running shoes like innov8's.. You won't be disappointed! Though you should reduce your distances for a while and let your body adapt: you can't rely on your trainers to 'cheat' you anymore once you buy some real ones!


Having enthused about the 212s, I must say that the 190s are even more comfortable, even lighter and really meant for the ups and downs. Some have mentioned feeling the ground too much. All I can say is that I found them just right for the mixed ground of Swiss Berglaufs. They are wonderfully cool and feel so comfortable I can not imagine getting a blister or any other foot damage. I wore these, first time, for a 12km, 800 m. of height, race over ground of every variety, mainly steep going through forest with some rock and some grass and hummock, with no problems due to the shoes and no slipping even in muddy conditions, compared with fellow runners who were not so lucky, despite my notorious ability to miss my footing. Clearly, horses for courses, I would be wary of using these through spikey undergrowth or on roads. It is clear they are not made for these conditions as the upper is a very light mesh with no extra protection and the sole is a high-grip, softest rubber with fantastic tread and good grip. But for the usual, off road hill races or even just for training in such conditions, these are the best, most satisfactory I have had, the closest and a little more versatile (perhaps) being the 212s, at the expense of weight, coolness and, double edged, flexibility. Having both models, I use the 190s for the entirely (or almost so) conditions and the 212s for the rest, in the hope of making both last longer and using the 190s in the conditions for which they are best suited. Having said that, they would go anywhere, just not last that long.


I had read a lot about these shoes online and from my friends raving on about them. So I grabbed a pair, the sizing is spot on UK size ... so if you get your shoes sized in US or euro you'll have to work out what the UK size is. They run slightly narrow, but I have big assed clown feet and they feel great in them. Its like putting on a pair of slippers they are so comfortable! Excellent trail shoes and pose running shoes. I crossfit, and these have replaced my vibrams as my everyday shoe, (with exception to heavy dead lift day and only lift days) and they are brilliant! I have already recommended these shoes to several cross fitters in the gym, and will continue to do so ... since wiggle is the cheapest place to get these in Australia, everywhere else has $35-50 postage. The only down side is the blue, but you get over that pretty quickly ... apparently they wear down quickly but I've only been wearing mine for 3 weeks so I don't know, there aren't holes in the soles of the shoe ... maybe at the 3 or 4 month mark it might be a different story?


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